Learn How To Pose

A comprehensive course designed for both novice and seasoned competitors seeking to master stage presence and posing techniques.

Led by Stephanie Ayala McHugh, 5X Fitness World Champion, this course offers expert guidance to bring your performance to the next level.

Master Posing On and Off The Stage

From fundamental principles to advanced tips, our course offers a flexible learning experience tailored to your pace that ensures you develop confidence and proficiency in every pose.

What's Included In This Course:

✔ 8 In-Depth Chapters Covering Essential Posing Techniques

✔ Over 30 Lessons Providing Detailed Insights Into Each Chapter

✔ High-Quality Video Content Included for Every Lesson

✔ Text Highlights Integrated into Videos to Improve Understanding

✔ Flexible Learning with a Mobile-Friendly Platform


Chapter 1: How To Walk
Chapter 2: Types of Walks
Chapter 3: Poses
Chapter 4: Transitions
Chapter 5: Hand Placement, Flow, Hair
Chapter 6: Facials and Confidence
Chapter 7: How To Build A Routine
Chapter 8: General Tips

Meet Your Trainer

Stephanie Ayala McHugh Personal Trainer

Stephanie Ayala McHugh

Stephanie Ayala McHugh is our head coach and is the current 5X World Champion Fitness Model and knows all there is to know about getting fit, losing weight, building muscle, competing & living a healthy lifestyle. She is an ACE Certified Health Coach and Certified Personal Trainer who is addicted to changing lives!


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Stephanie Ayala McHugh Personal Trainer

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