At Team Dynasty we LOVE Testimonials. For us it shows the commitment, dedication and passion to start a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, nutrition and guidance. Above all its shows that we get RESULTS. We have a number of fitness plans to help you depending on your goals from Lifestyle Plan to Ultra Fit Plan to Champions Plan as well as Posing Plans, we also have top quality coaches to help with your workouts and to get you motivated and nutrition experts to keep you on goal.
So read what our clients have said about us and contact us here if you would like to achieve the results our clients have.

    I’ve been a part of Team Dynasty since my first show with the WBFF in 2018. Stephanie and Kerry are extremely knowledgeable in training and nutrition. I’ve been able to improve each prep season, and continue to feel healthier and more at ease with the process, due to their support.
    They are also two of the kindest, and warmest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. They make our team feel like a family.
- Linda Chavez

    I came to Dynasty Training when I couldn’t achieve my goals on my own. I knew I needed accountability, guidance, compassion and understanding.
    No ones plan will work unless you’re ready to put in the work. Kerry and Stephanie make you want to do better. By beating your previous achievements, setting new ones and rooting for you. It’s nice having a Team that supports you even if you’re not a high level competitor(yet!)
    It’s a lifestyle I embrace and love! Keys for me are not beating myself up if I mess up a meal, a day or a workout. Staying consistent is the key. Their app is soooo good! Shows you the workouts and helps you keep and stay on track! I look forward to training with Team Dynasty for a very long time!
- Danielle Kalfon

    Team Dynasty is a Life changer. I have been training with TD since 2018! Coaches Stephanie and Kerry have helped guide me to not only win Miss Diva Fitness USA but to become more disciplined with any goal I set. As a Team Dynasty client you truly feel like family and accepted by everyone in it.
- Aftan Noon

    I've been working with Steph and Kerry for almost a year now and they are amazing! Each week I am pushed to improve and I feel totally supported and encouraged along the way. While working with them I lost pounds and inches, but more importantly, they helped me to feel confident in my body at every point of my journey. I love connecting with my Team Dynasty fam at shows and online and I truly feel like I am part of a supportive community.
- Latisha Styles

    There really isn’t anything wealthier than health. Since I’ve been apart of this fitness family, not only have I changed physically but I’ve become stronger and confident mentally. Nonetheless, because everybody’s body is different I love that I have a personalized program to cater to my own goals and body type. My coaches challenges me, listens to me, and motivates me. I only wish that I would have started sooner.
- Karlyne Carter

    I cannot say enough about how proud and honored I am to represent team dynasty! I’m so blessed to have two amazing coaches in Stephanie and Kerry! They really have supported me through ups and down this year always with firm, kind encouragement I needed! Transitioning from primarily working out in the gym to all home training they never missed a beat working with what I had at home! I also came off a show prep and decided I wanted to try macro counting instead of a “strict meal plan” AND not eat animal protein! I was not expecting the support that I got at all! Stephanie and Kerry said let’s do it and see how it goes! They truly are amazing coaches and people!
- Eillen Vent

    I am a working mom of 4. My days are busy and long. Even when life gets out of hand, being fit is something I can control. I’ve always enjoyed fitness but in January 2018, I decided to kick it into high gear and I wanted to compete for the WBFF. I love the brand and what it stands for. So I was thrilled to know that Stephanie, our Worlds WBFF champion, was taking on clients. I wanted to learned how to shape my body and be the best! So I have to learn from the best and have been with Team Dynasty ever since. I am now in the best shape of my life. The meal plans and workouts are easy to follow and tailored towards my availability and equipment access. Steph and Kerry have been super to work with and very encouraging. If I had any concerns or doubts about my process, they have addressed my needs and always give me the peace of mind. I am very blessed to have this team by my side and excited to see what the future has in store for me in my progress. Team Dynasty all the way!
- Nydia Herzog

    I recently just started my fitness journey with Team Dynasty and have had the best experience so far. Steph and Kerry set up a call with me prior to starting, we spoke about my past fitness experience, what we are looking to accomplish, and how we will get there. They’re always very responsive in any questions I may have and make you feel very confident day in and day out. I’m extremely happy and excited to see where my journey heads with Team Dynasty!!
- Alexandra Cheshul

    Awesome Program!!! I have always fluctuated in weight and would gain body fat back after I dieted no matter what I did. I have now been working with Steph & Kerry for 6 months now and at age 53 am in the best shape I’ve been in since I was playing sports regularly in High School and in reality possibly the best shape I’ve ever been in ever. My waist size is what it was in high school, I weigh 15 pounds more than when I was 20 years old and have more muscle tone and definition than I have ever had in my life. Easy to follow work outs and Steph & Kerry are great to work with. They are very helpful not only on the fitness side of the equation but also on the nutritional side. I would recommend Steph & Kerry to anyone who is serious about getting fit and improving their quality of life. In summary this is the best I’ve felt in my life and I thank Steph & Kerry for helping me get here.
- Andy Unanue

    Team Dynasty is a training program that is designed to create champions, literally. Stephanie, Kerry, and their team focus and all the necessities that you may have. They create your meal plan based on your schedule, and also design your workouts based on your goals and preferences, like work at the gym or at home. For instance, when all this pandemic started in March the gyms were closed, they acted so quickly that they created a program based on my own gym equipment that I had at the moment. Team Dynasty is not just a program, it is also a family were you are connected with a lot of people that have similar goals; it has been one of the best decisions that I had made, I invested in myself, and it has beenmdefinitely worth it.
- Cristina Cueto

    I reached out to Team Dynasty for lifestyle coaching about a year ago- and I’m so glad I did! They provided me with a fitness and nutrition plan based on my goals, amount of time I could spend in the gym, and styles of working out I actually enjoy and can stick to. They’ve also taught me the importance of rest days, mobility/core strength, and have helped me grow stronger in many areas I was neglecting on my own. Even if health and fitness is already a huge part of your lifestyle, having coaches to guide you and see things in you that you don’t always see in yourself is huge! I’ve never been shunned for having “off” days- only encouragement to adopt healthy habits and get right back up! I am now a WBFF Pro Bikini Diva thanks to Steph and Kerry! I did not join their team with intention of competing- but their knowledge, support, and love for the WBFF is contagious! Proud Dynasty Diva!
- Alyssa Davenport

    Working with Team Dynasty is the most rewarding feeling. Stephanie and Kerry are coaches that care and give their all to their athletes! They have helped me overcome so many challenges along my journey to the stage. They are not only in the business to grow athletes, but to grow people as well!
- Jessica Koeman

    A year ago before I started training with Steph and Kerry.... I was working out and basically starving myself with no results. Upon meeting them, they got me to my desired goals. We created new goals, and they coached me along the way to become mentally strong and reach every milestone along my journey. My year results speak for themselves, completely natural along with coaching from Steph and Kerry.
- Melanie San Roman

    I first found out about Team Dynasty through a friend who I would watch daily in the gym crushing her workouts and making amazing physique changes. I had worked with other coaches in the past and had a horrible experience, so I wanted to make sure to choose the best fit. I reached out to Steph and Kerry and from the get go they were welcoming with open arms and genuinely were excited to work with me. I am a lifestyle client and have been now for a year and it was the best decision I ever made.
Their workouts are amazing and they personalize all of them to your body and what your goals are. What I love about them is how encouraging and supportive they are of EVERY client. I love that they show the same love for everyone, no matter what level you are at. They continue to impress me daily. When covid happened, they found out what each client had access to and IMMEDIATELY personalized all of our workouts to pretty much what we had at home. It was amazing to me to see them work so hard to help with the success of all of us. I also recently had hip surgery. They did a special macro plan for me for my 2 week post surgery recovery while not working out, and have so far done amazing at making my workouts challenging yet workable with my hip. They are always asking me how I'm feeling etc.
If you have shopped around looking for coaches, stop looking. Team Dynasty is hands down the best coaching around. There is nobody out there that compares to the level of service and commitment they have for their clients. I consider them my close friends and am beyond grateful for their support and encouragement and for what they have done for me. Team Dynasty all the way for this almost 47 year old gal!!!
- Renee' Hennefer

    Money literally can’t buy better. My only regret is I didn’t find Steph and Kerry sooner. When I started bodybuilding last Nov I did research on all the coaches in my town, met with each one, and picked the one I thought was going to get to me to success. I wasted 5 months of prep with this person. I was plateauing left and right, not seeing progress, sticking to every direction ad nausea, getting more and more carbs ripped away, and I was still genuinely afraid I wouldn’t be comp ready.
I confessed all this to a friend who pointed me to Team Dynasty and even tho I started with them during the pandemic quarantine (at home routines) I saw IMMEDIATE progress. It was like night and day differences. What I love most about their program is how tailored it is to you. They are NOT pedaling cookie cutter workouts or diets on each client. They actively I take and give feedback in real time, altering what you need altered that day if need be. Can’t do a move? Altered. Can’t stand eggs? Altered. Injured something? Altered. It’s amazing.

Not to mention my friend and I both train with them and we compare regimens like normal girls lol but when I asked about the differences I wasn’t shirked I was educated. About the differences in our body types and muscle groups we need to focus on plus what they knew about previously working with her and how she builds and seeing how I responded to training. It’s like validation that you know moves and foods are picked specifically for you. Also they’re REALISTIC and SUSTAINABLE! Sometimes you’re maintaining or prepping for a year straight like changing federations, or when comps are postponed due to pandemics. And they acknowledge realistic alcohol consumption, cheats, where macros can be flexible. They’re never leaving you guessing. Your success with them is truly possible while also being in your hands!!
- Maril Vernon

    It took a little over 4 months for me to get to my target weight . I lost a total of 27lbs and 5 inches o" my waist . I never dreamed this would be possible at my age of 53 years old . I am in the best shape of my life and have never felt beer about my body and the transformation. With your vast knowledge of my dietary needs and your workout routines you have shaped this old man into a very fit and in great shape man! I would recommend your services to anyone looking to get into shape or lose weight.
- Dave Addleman

    Stephanie and Kerry have completely changed my life and given me new hope for what my future holds. Before I decided to join Team Dynasty, I was trying every program imaginable or figuring out what diet worked for me and kept hitting a wall. I would see small results here and there, but was continually frustrated when I wasn’t get the results I wanted. I have been an athlete all my life and played soccer in college and have always lived a very active lifestyle. However, my self esteem was pretty low after college because I would work so hard and not get to where I wanted to be. I finally decided this past November that I needed help and couldn’t try doing it on my own anymore. That was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

In just a few short months, I have seen more improvement and change than I could’ve imagined. They have given me so much confidence and have lit a new fire in me that motivates me to keep working hard and now I know I’ll get the results if I keep working at it. I wake up excited for my day and ready to crush it! I’m making new friends and building a new life I’ve always dreamed of and can’t wait to see what else is to come. I’m beyond grateful for them and they’re support. Thank you Team Dynasty for giving me a new lease on life!!
- Shannon Delahanty

    Being part of the Team Dynasty and working with Stephanie Ayala and Kerry Mchugh has been an incredible experience and here’s why. Their continuous support makes it easy and more comfortable to share my thoughts and feelings about my goals. They actually put good quality of time to “hear you out”. Their training program is easy to follow.
Having videos of exercises saves me time when trying to figure out an exercise that I’m not familiar with. I can also record the amounts of weights and reps that I do in their training app so that I can progress over time. This makes me push harder every time. They’re flexible and have worked with me to fit my program into my lifestyle. Which is a huge plus. Their Exercises change over time, which makes feel motivated to hit the gym and not get bored with it. And most importantly their program works! I have seen some great gains in the right places such glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders. Stephanie is a motivation, her work ethic is contagious. She leads by example. Which to me that's what coaches/ leaders are supposed to do.
- Arsine Hakobyan

    You always want to choose who you have in your life carefully and I am truly and honestly so great full that I joined Team Dynasty. It really has changed my life for the best. I have been a very competitive athlete my entire life and very rarely do you come across coaches/people how truly care. Stephanie, Kerry and their team truly care and wants what’s best for you. They’re understanding, so supportive and such empowering individuals who you can always count on.
- Jessica Tank