Top Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy While Traveling

Top Tips for Staying Fit and Healthy While Traveling

With some simple planning, you can stay fit and healthy on the road and come back feeling recharged instead of run down. In this article, you'll get the best tips for maintaining your routine, eating well, staying active and avoiding burnout while traveling. Follow these suggestions and you'll be exploring your destination with energy and vigor, ready to take full advantage of all it has to offer. Vacation and vitality - you can have both!


Choose to go by foot

When traveling, one of the best ways to stay in shape is to walk as much as possible. See new places by foot instead of taxi or rideshare. Not only will you get some exercise, but you'll get to experience more of the surroundings and local culture.


Take walking tours

Many destinations offer guided walking tours where you can learn about the history and architecture while clocking some steps.


Walk between attractions and restaurants

Choose lodging located within walking distance of sights and eateries. That way you can stroll between places at your own pace instead of relying on transit.


Aim for at least 30 minutes a day

Try to walk for transportation and leisure for a minimum of half an hour daily. That can equate to 3 miles or more in a day which provides solid exercise. If possible, walk for longer and consider it a chance to unwind.


Pack comfortable and supportive shoes

Don't forget to bring footwear designed for walking longer distances. Well-cushioned sneakers or walking shoes will make it much more pleasant to spend time on your feet.


Take the stairs whenever you can

Take the stairs over escalators and elevators. Climbing stairs provides an intense workout for your legs and glutes in little time.

Making the choice to walk can turn an ordinary vacation into an active adventure. You'll get to intimately experience all a destination has to offer while maintaining your fitness routine. A rewarding win-win in our book! What are you waiting for? Start exploring!


Choose Lodging With a Gym or Walking/Running Paths

When traveling, it can be easy to slack on exercise and healthy eating. One of the best ways to avoid this is by choosing lodging that makes it simple to stick to your routine.


Look for a gym or workout room.

Many hotels and vacation rentals offer on-site gyms or fitness centers nowadays. See if the place you're staying has cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes as well as strength training machines and free weights. Even if the gym is small, it'll allow you to get in some exercise without leaving the building.


Check for walking or running paths.

Going for a walk or jog is a great way to stay active while traveling without needing any special equipment. Look for lodging that provides walking/running paths on the property or is located near a park, trail or other area suitable and safe for walking or running. Getting outside in the fresh air will boost your mood and motivation.


Ask about nearby gyms or recreation centers.

Don't be afraid to call ahead and ask if there are any gyms, community centers or recreation facilities within walking distance of where you're staying. Many places offer day or week passes to visitors. Take advantage of whatever resources are available to keep up your routine. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Keeping up regular workouts and activity levels while traveling may require some extra effort but will help you avoid unhealthy habits, recharge and renew your energy, and allow you to fully enjoy your trip. With the right mindset and preparation, staying fit on the road can absolutely be done. Now get out there, explore and have an amazing, healthy vacation!


Do more Outdoor Activities

One of the best ways to stay active while traveling is to spend more time doing outdoor activities. Getting outside in nature provides both physical and mental health benefits. Here are some tips to maximize your outdoor time:


Try biking

Many cities offer bike sharing programs that allow you to rent bikes by the hour. Cycle around town or through parklands to get some cardio exercise. If biking isn’t your thing, you might look into scooter sharing which provides a similar experience.



Play outdoor sports

Try recreational activities like tennis, swimming, beach volleyball or golf. Many resorts and hotels offer equipment rentals and amenities for guests. Team up with your travel companions or other hotel guests for a friendly match.


Relax outside

Find an outdoor spot to simply sit, read a book, enjoy a drink or snack, get some sun or fresh air. City parks, rooftop patios, courtyards, and gardens are all great options. Make the most of good weather and find ways to spend time outside every day of your trip.


The more time you spend outside and active, the less likely you are to return home feeling worn out or unhealthy from your travels. Get out and explore - your body and mind will thank you! Making outdoor activities a priority on any trip will help ensure you stay fit and energized, even on vacation.


Hydrate and Bring Healthy Snacks for the Road

One of the biggest challenges of staying healthy while traveling is maintaining proper hydration and nutrition. Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated and pack healthy snacks for your trip:


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, especially when flying. Bring an empty water bottle through airport security and fill it up once you're through. Aim for 6-8 glasses a day as a rule of thumb. If flying, drink even more to counteract the dehydrating effects of being at high altitudes.


Pack Nutritious Snacks

Bring snacks like granola bars, nuts, dried fruit and protein bars. These options contain healthy fats, protein and nutrients to give you an energy boost. Avoid excess sugar, salt or grease which can make you feel sluggish. Yogurt, cheese sticks and trail mix also make great portable snacks.


Buy Local Fruit

When you arrive at your destination, buy fresh fruit from local markets. Not only will it be affordable and delicious, but it reduces waste since you're not transporting it. Berries, bananas, oranges and apples are always great options.


Stay Caffeinated (if needed)

If you rely on coffee or tea to stay alert, bring packets of instant coffee, tea bags or a small French press. Caffeine can help combat jet lag and keep you energized, but avoid it too late in the day so you can still sleep at night.

Keeping yourself properly fed and watered while traveling, especially by air or in hot climates, is essential for your health, mood and enjoyment of your trip. A little planning and preparation can go a long way in helping you feel your best on your journey. Staying hydrated and packing nutritious snacks will keep your energy levels up and your body and mind nourished so you can experience all your destination has to offer.


Take Advantage of Active Sightseeing Opportunities

One of the best ways to stay active while traveling is to take advantage of sightseeing opportunities that also provide exercise. Rather than just driving or bussing between attractions, opt to walk, bike, or join a guided walking tour.


Take a Walking Tour

Many destinations offer guided walking tours, especially in historic city centers. This allows you to learn about the area from a local guide while squeezing in some steps. Look for tours that cover a mile or more—you'll be surprised how quickly the steps add up, especially if the tour includes stair climbing.


Rent Bikes to Explore

Renting bikes is an inexpensive, eco-friendly way to sightsee while cycling through the fresh air. Many cities have bike sharing programs that allow you to pick up and drop off bikes at various stations. If biking solo, stick to bike lanes and trails as much as possible for safety. Look for bike tours if you want to join a group with an experienced guide.


Hit the Trails

If your destination has scenic trails, hiking is a great option. Check if there are any guided hiking tours, especially if going solo or if the trails are challenging. Be sure to consider the difficulty level based on your own fitness and experience—there’s no need to overexert yourself while on vacation! Start with easy to moderate trails, and you can always turn back if they become too difficult.


Play Like a Local

Research recreational activities popular with locals in your destination. This could be anything from beach volleyball to kayaking to rock climbing. Not only will you get your body moving in an engaging new way, but you’ll also get an authentic experience of the local lifestyle and community. Ask your hotel concierge or do an internet search for recommendations on where to join in the fun.

The key is simply to avoid being a spectator and instead actively participate in your surroundings. Move your body, enrich your mind, and nourish your spirit with active and meaningful experiences. Your body and soul will thank you for it when you return home rejuvenated from your trip.



So there you have it, some of the best ways to stay on top of your health and fitness game even when you're away from home. Making your health a priority will help ensure you come back from your trip feeling recharged and rejuvenated rather than tired and run down. Staying active and eating right while traveling may require some extra effort, but you'll feel so much better for it. And the best part is you won't have to spend days after your return trying to recover and get back into shape. So do yourself a favor and use these tips to stay fit and fab on your next adventure!


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