Stephanie Ayala McHugh - Head Coach

My name is Stephanie Ayala McHugh, 4X WBFF Fitness Model World Champion, proud owner and co-founder of Dynasty Training & Nutrition. An ACE Certified Health Coach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer.

I am the head coach for Team Dynasty and living out my dream by changing lives and helping others achieve progress and adapt a healthy sustainable lifestyle. I managed and operated health clubs for over 6 years and it was during this time that my passion to compete grew strongly.

I started my competition journey in 2015 and have achieved 5 Championship Titles: International Fitness Model 2017, Fitness Model World Champion 2017, Fitness Model World Champion 2018, Fitness Model World Champion 2019 and Fitness Model World Champion 2021. Taking the body to the next level and achieving progress you think is impossible is what I strive to do, and now being able to share the journey, the process, and the lifestyle with so many around the world is so rewarding.

Kerry McHugh - Head Coach/Nutritionist

My name is Kerry McHugh and I am the co-founder and head nutritionist for Dynasty Training and Nutrition. I am a NASM certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), head coach of WBFF 2021 Team of the Year and ACE Certified Personal Trainer who is in love with health, fitness and helping others.

For 15 years I was involved in managing health clubs, building personal training programs until becoming the Vice President of a national gym chain. At this point my career became more about numbers and accounting than changing lives.

This is when I decided to step down from a comfortable position in my life to live out my passion and find my happiness. Dynasty Training and Nutrition is my passion and has become a major part of my happiness. Spending time with my wife Stephanie Ayala is another passion of mine and this career change has enabled us to spend every moment together as a Team.

I also love watching MMA, Football and playing with my two beautiful Bully’s. Oh also working out and my post workout meals!

Aftan Noon - Trainer

Hi there! My name is Aftan Noon, 2X WBFF Miss Diva Fitness USA. I have been a personal training for 5 years with a certification in ACE (Amercian Counsil of Exercise). My fitness journey consisted of running miles and miles. My best mile time was 4:53. After attending SIUE running Division 1 Track, I was signed with a professional coach and had been training to be the best in the world and run at the Olympics. Running had taken so much energy out of me I wasn’t able to focus on my personal training carreer and help support my family.

Fast forward, I am now a WBFF Pro along side Stephanie Ayala who is my coach and friend along with Kerry. Team Dynasty is the best place to change your life! I want every client to have fun while improving themselves to be the best version of themselves. Personal Training is so rewarding. It is fantastic to see clients become more confident while being able to change lives of their friends and family around them.

When clients push themselves to the next level and find new strengths I am in “Awe” and live for those moments. Being physically fit is very important whether you are an athlete, or just a fitness aware individual. Teaching new exercises to people utilizing proper form while pushing them to their limits is my goal for every workout I lead. Working out prepares you for a better life and better physique.

Stacy Burr - Strength Training Specialist

Stacy “Bama” Burr has been a certified trainer with the NCSF since 2012 and her degree is in Exercise Science from Coker University, where she played 4 years of Softball.
Stacy has former experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach but chose to build something unique to fit her vision and she now owns and serves as Head Coach for her own training company that specializes in strength sports.

Her specialization comes from her experience and career as an elite Powerlifter.

Stacy currently holds the 148lb All Time World Record Total at 1435lbs via a 565lb Squat, 320lb Bench Press and a 550lb Deadlift.

One of Stacy’s greatest passions is helping others recognize and unlock their own personal strength. She produces her own podcast called The Champion Mindset, where she discusses personal development topics to help do just that!

Bricks St. Clair - Strength Training Specialist

*Retired 3X Lifetime Natural World Champion in 3 separate drug tested federations.

*Retired USA and IPF Powerlifter

*4th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu with a discipline in Jeet Kune Do

*Founder of Provoice Communications LLC

*Founder of BossTalk Media Group LLC

*Motivational and Keynote Speaker

Toby Harrison - Posing Stage Coach

Toby is the only official WBFF posing coach; in 8 years of experience coaching posing he has guided his clients to over 250 WBFF Pro cards and over 55 Pro titles, including Stephanie's 4. His close relationships with Paul and Allison Dillett and his experience photographing, judging and organising shows and workshops gives him a deep insight into what you need to succeed on a WBFF stage.

Toby is the only dedicated posing coach regularly nominated as WBFF Coach of the Year and his clients have included; Stephanie Ayala, Rachel Dillon, Alicia Gowans, Aftan Noon, Lauren Simpson, Williams Falade, Wole Adesemoye, Giorgia Piscina, Hattie Boydle, Michelle MacDonald, Karina Fiorentini, Lauren Kenealy and many more.

The coaching works as a mixture of video check-ins, video calls and in person check-ins at shows he attends.

Toby offers discounted pricing for Team Dynasty as follows:

8 week posing coaching package: $500
- includes twice-a-week check ins and up to 4 Skype calls.

12 week posing coaching package: $625
- includes twice-a-week check ins and up to 5 Skype calls.

16 week posing coaching package: $750
- includes twice-a-week check ins and up to 8 Skype calls.

One-off Skype call: $150

There are additional discounts available if you book posing coaching together with a photoshoot and there are payment plans and longer term coaching options available. Please contact Toby directly to discuss options and book your posing coaching:

Click HERE to email Toby

Rusti Murray - Trainer

My name is Rusti Murray and I have been a part of the fitness industry for 7 years. I currently serve as a Camp Gladiator partner trainer and am excited to be a coach for Team Dynasty. My fitness background stems from being a NPC bikini and figure competitor, a competition prep coach, a one-on-one trainer and bootcamp style coach.

I have won an overall figure title at the Phil Heath Classic in 2016. I share my passion for fitness with my husband Cris who is an IFBB Pro. We have a five year old daughter who is our main motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. I firmly believe you must take care of the body that takes care of you! At the end of the day, your body is where you’ll live forever so treat it right.

I love eating healthy, training hard and creating amazing workouts (I literally dream about creative exercises in my sleep!). Always know that you are in control and can do whatever you set your mind to! I don’t believe in limits but I do believe in breaking them.

Michael Bailey - Rehab Specialist

My name is Michael Bailey, I’m the Rehab Specialist for Team Dynasty Training. In 2011 I received a degree from Arizona State University in Exercise Science and also earned NASM, CPT & CES certifications in 2011. I received my license in Massage Therapy in 2013 from Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

The past 5 years I have been focused on creating my own modality - Body Calibration. This is a blend of 12+ years I have spent learning how the body moves with deep tissue massage therapy. I am also certified in Rocktape, cupping, IASTM, neuro muscular therapy, and training for warriors level 1.

Jessica Loftis - DNA Specialist

My name is Jessica Loftis, I am a 31 year old mother and wife. Living an active lifestyle has always been a part of my life and I have been in the fitness industry for 12 years now. My love for fitness started at a very young age, I grew up playing volleyball, basketball, softball and participating in rodeo events. I went to college on a rodeo scholarship and graduated with an MBA.

I began with group training classes and that evolved into me becoming a certified personal trainer. From group classes to coaching for competition prep and now designing programs based on peoples genetics. The truth is that after my daughter I really struggled with fat loss, fatigue, cravings and mood issues etc. I could not figure out why I was having so many issues. This is why I decided to start studying DNA based programming as it helped me read between the lines so I could figure out what was causing these constant issues. I have been testing and studying this concept for the last 2 years and I am very excited to bring it to the table with my amazing coaches and the rest of the Team Dynasty family.

Helping others understand their bodies so they can not only get the optimal results, but so they can also achieve optimal health, both mentally and physically is my passion. At the end of the day, truly knowing your body is an extremely valuable tool that will change your life. We can now put trial and error methods to rest and get it right from day one. Our bodies are all so different and need different things, when we can learn and understand our bodies we can truly take health and fitness to the next level.

My goal is to help others become the best version of themselves both physically and mentally. Working hard is important but working smart is essential, if you want to truly be the best version of yourself.





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