The type of supplements you take MATTERS! This is why Team Dynasty has partnered with Revive MD & Raw Nutrition as they provide the highest quality products focusing on the most important component – overall health, internal organs, recovery and hormone levels.

Not all vitamins, minerals or protein powders are created equal. It’s important to choose a reputable brand that has undergone third-party testing and is sourced from quality ingredients to ensure that you’re getting a supplement that’s pure and potent and can be used by your body efficiently.

Revive MD & Raw Nutrition surpass all requirements and routinely goes through FDA and third party audits to ensure its purity, strength and identity in every product.

Whey Isolate Protein
• Naturally Flavored and Sweetened
• 100% Grass Fed Whey Isolate
• No Hormones-No Antibiotics-No Chemicals-No GMOs
• Supports Muscle Growth and Recovery

Vegan Protein
• Naturally Flavored and Sweetened
• Fortified With Vitamins
• Complete Amino Profile
• No Hormones-No Antibiotics-No Chemicals-No GMOs

EAA (Essential Amino Acids)
• Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis
• Decrease Muscle Protein Breakdown
• Enhance Recovery
• Reduce Muscle Soreness

• Increase Muscle Hydration
• Enhanced Energy
• Superior Pumps
• Improves Exercise Performance

• Support cellular health
• Support immune function
• Enhance antioxidant protection and activity
• Provide essential micronutrients to optimize daily nutritional intake

Daily Greens
• Protect the body from cellular stress
• Improve fiber intake
• Daily source of micronutrients
• Promote natural detoxification processes
• Support energy levels

• Support a state of calmness and relaxation
• Support serotonin and GABA signaling in
the brain
• Promote stress management
• Support physical and mental performance

Omega 3
• Support cardiovascular health and healthy glucose metabolism
• Promotes brain health and cognitive function
• Support healthy skin, joints and connective tissues
• Maintain already-healthy inflammatory responses